equip/data is an optional library for creating a data layer in Equip applications.

Basic Example

namespace Acme;

use Equip\Data\EntityInterface;
use Equip\Data\Traits\EntityTrait;

class User implements EntityInterface
    use EntityTrait;

    private $id;
    private $email;
    private $password;
    private $registered_on;

    private function types()
        return [
            'id' => 'int',

The EntityTrait is a composition of all of the available traits:

  • ImmutableValueObjectTrait
  • DateAwareTrait
  • JsonAwareTrait
  • SerializeAwareTrait


The properties of classes ImmutableObjectValueTrait will be publicly accessible but read only:

$user = new User([
    'id' => 1,

echo $user->id; // 1

These objects can only be modified by copying the object using withData:

$user = $user->withData([
    'email' => '',

To check if an entity has a value, use the has method:

$user->has('email'); // true
$user->has('role'); // false

Note that this a check to see if the entity has a property defined. It will return true even if the value is currently null or otherwise empty.

To get an array of values from the object, use the toArray method:

$data = $user->toArray();

Additional Features

The EntityTrait will allow an entity to be passed to json_encode. It can also be passed through serialize and unserialize.

Properties that represent dates can be fetched as Carbon objects by using the date method:

$registered = $user->date('registered_on'); // Carbon